DHIS2 Android app: Font size

Dear all,

I just designed a form event program, intended for a survey, using DHIS2 2.29.
Investigators will be using Android version 2.2.2.
How can I change the font size to be more readable on tablet.


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HI @elmoujarrade

Please note that 2.29 is not on the list of DHIS2 supported by the App. You are free to use it but you might encounter some issues.

Regarding the font size. The application itself does not have this capability, however most of Android devices do have that option under Settings > Accessibility. There you should be able to define the font size. The App will respect this.


Hi, @jaime.bosque

adjusting the font size from device settings is a very good idea, the problem is solved, the display is much better
Thanks for the support