DHIS2 Android App 1.2.0 is released [2.31 compatibility]

(Marta Vila) #1

Dear DHIS2 Community,

A new version of the DHIS2 Android App is out today. This version includes is 2.31 compatibility, some functional improvements and many bug fixes.

The functional improvements include render type auto-complete for text fields, simplifies the options for the complete action, show description for all objects and adds a warning to the user before deleting local data.

There are bugs fixed related to Log in & Settings screen, event program (event list & filter),
Tracker Program (TEI List & Search, TEI Dashboard, enrollment & program stages logic), Data Entry, Program Rules, Sync Problems and crashes.

Detailed information:

Get it on:

  • Google Play (the upload is being processed in Google Play Store and will be available in the next hours)
  • Github (already available)

Remember that, if you need to take screenshots or broadcast your screen for training purposes or demos sessions, there is a Training APK available in Github .

All this information is also available in the Android Section of the DHIS2 web site!

the Android team

(Absolom Muramira) #2

We finally have it. Thank you for the great work @marta and the entire Android development team. we will test the new version and send you feedback.

Enjoy your weekend.


(Karoline Tufte Lien) pinned #3
(Absolom Muramira) #4

Dear @marta

Are custom forms supported in this version? Thank you.


(Marta Vila) #5

Dear @amuramira,

custom forms are not supported in this app. If you need custom forms, I would recommend testing the Dhis2 touch app from HISP Tanzania. You can find it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hipstz.dhis2.dhis2touch.

Tagging @ismail in case you need any support.


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(Larry Li) #6

Hi Marta @marta,

Thanks so much for the progress! We will upgrade our database soon. We just wonder if we should install DHIS2 version 2.31 to test with the latest release of Android app, OR we should still use version 2.30. I guess DHIS2 version 2.31 is getting stable now?


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(Marta Vila) #7

Hi @lli,

well… that is a dificult question to answer generically. Stability depends mainly on the functionalities and modules that your implementation uses. In any case, it is always recommended a full test of the new version in your server before actually upgrading your DHIS2 version.

The app will work with both versions in any case. You do not need to update to test the Android App, if that was the question.


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