DHIS2 Android App 1.2.0 is released [2.31 compatibility]


(Marta Vila) #1

Dear DHIS2 Community,

A new version of the DHIS2 Android App is out today. This version includes is 2.31 compatibility, some functional improvements and many bug fixes.

The functional improvements include render type auto-complete for text fields, simplifies the options for the complete action, show description for all objects and adds a warning to the user before deleting local data.

There are bugs fixed related to Log in & Settings screen, event program (event list & filter),
Tracker Program (TEI List & Search, TEI Dashboard, enrollment & program stages logic), Data Entry, Program Rules, Sync Problems and crashes.

Detailed information:

Get it on:

  • Google Play (the upload is being processed in Google Play Store and will be available in the next hours)
  • Github (already available)

Remember that, if you need to take screenshots or broadcast your screen for training purposes or demos sessions, there is a Training APK available in Github .

All this information is also available in the Android Section of the DHIS2 web site!

the Android team

(Absolom Muramira) #2

We finally have it. Thank you for the great work @marta and the entire Android development team. we will test the new version and send you feedback.

Enjoy your weekend.


(Karoline Tufte Lien) pinned #3