DHIS2 and OpenMRS for HIV Patient care + M&E

Dear Dr. Ajwath,

I and the baby are fine.

Could you please describ details of your HIV system so that we can
help you. How it works, what data it collects, and how it was
customized in OpenMRS,...




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From: "Dr.M.Y.M.Ajwath" <dryoosuff@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2012 12:30:39 +0530
Subject: DHIS2 and OpenMRS for HIV Patient care + M&E
To: Thuy Nguyen <thuy.hispvietnam@gmail.com>

Dear thuy,

How are you? How is your baby doing?
Hope you all are well and pray almighty for wellness

As I am started customising the OpenMRS for HIV patient care and ART
records , I need to do the Monitoring and evaluation part also with the
some means.
at this point I came to know this might be possible with DHIS2.

I need your expert opinion or guide some one to get opinion on

1. whether I should use DHIS2 to M & E and OpenMRS for patient information
2. Is it possible to capture individual patients informations like clinical
data in the DHIS2 like we do in OpenMRS?


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