DHIS2 aggregation does not work in v.2.27. Tried clean cache and regenerate data mart

Hi all!

I’m trying to change data in “Data Entry” App, but don’t see any affect in Visualisation App and Pivot tables.

It is quite common problem as I see, but I’ve tried everything:

  • Regenerate analytics at Reports / Analytics

  • Disable cache at Systems settings / Analytics / Cache stratagy

  • Clear browser cache at “Browser cache cleaner”

  • Use another browser without any cache

And it works perfectly on 2.26 version, but not on 2.27 and 2.28. Tried DHIS2 Sierra Leone Demo.

Steps to reproduce this issue I’ve shared on the Google Drive:


Will be appreciated any help.



Hey Andrey, did you manage to get around this?

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