Dhis2.25 event capture

I’ve an issue with my dhis2 local installation. It runs but when I create a Tracker Program there is an issue when I open Tracker Capture and Event Capture but in Tracker dhis shows “Lacking authority for create or update event”. However, the same error message appears in Apache Tomcat log for both.

Sep 16, 2013 3:08:34 AM org.apache.coyote.http11.AbstractHttp11Processor process
INFO: Error parsing HTTP request header
 Note: further occurrences of HTTP header parsing errors will be logged at DEBUG level.

May be someone call help me? I must use dhis2.25 because the challenge is upgrading dhis from 2.25 into 2.30

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Hi @Lanja,

I hope you are well. did you get a workaround for this issue?