DHIS version 2.31 is released

(Ameen Mohamed) #43

@nbanze The error is because you have “rule” (s) and/or “view” (s) in your database. For upgrades to happen, all rules and views should be dropped. You can recreate them as required once the upgrade is completed. You can drop rules using DROP RULE ....commands and views using DROP VIEW .... . Let us know how it goes.

(Norberto Victorino Banze) #44

Thank you so much @Ameen,

We have successfully upgraded from 2.30 to 2.31, but i just noticed that we still have problems when exporting data, not being able to select some specific org units and there is no field to search by name.

(Ameen Mohamed) #45

@adeel Is this something you can help with?

(Blake Erhardt-Ohren) #46

Hi Norberto, I noticed this while working on your server. I believe that your organisation unit hierarchy has multiple roots, i.e. there are issues with how the organisation units are structured and you have multiple level 1 units.

(Muhammad Adeel) #47

Regarding Screenshot
I have seen this before in email’s.

It has to do with some database cleanup operation for Org. Unit trees. I am not sure how we can sort it out on the frontend as Org Unit names are coming from the backend.

(Norberto Victorino Banze) #48

Hi Blake and @adeel

This is strange and my org unit doesn’t have multiple roots, this happened after we have upgraded from 2.28 to 2.30, at first I thought it was a problem with the version 2.30 but after upgrading to the latest version the problem persists.

(Baktash Salehi) #49

Hi Norberto,

We also faced same problem in a local customization training, multiple roots and also the icons were not properly loaded. in our case we change the tomcat to 8.5.5 and the problem solved.

(Karoline Tufte Lien) #50

Hi @amuramira - maybe you can make topic in [Support](https://community.dhis2.org/c/support about the two points you mention, so it does not get lost in this topic?

(Norberto Victorino Banze) #51

Hi @baktash.salehi,

Thank you for your recommendation, we just updated tomcat to 8.5.5 but the issue persists.


(Blake Erhardt-Ohren) #52

None of the Android apps are listed as being compatible with 2.31 at this point in the Google Play store. Have any been tested with 2.31? We are having an issue with Tracker continuously crashing…

(Calle Hedberg) #53


Are you referring to the “old” Tracker Capture, or the new DHIS2 Capture combo app?

(Marta Vila) #54

Hi @berhard,

we will implement the compatibility of the new the new Android App and the old Data Capture App during this month.

The old tracker capture, event capture and dashboard Android App are not any more updated to the last versions of DHIS2 since 2.29.

(Marta Vila) #55

which tracker is the one crashing? old android or new android ?