DHIS version 2.0.4 released

DHIS version 2.0.4 is released.

Overview of new features and bugfixes can be found here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/dhis2/+milestone/2.0.4

It’s recommended that implementors have a good look as this release contains a whole range of new exiting functionality. Highlights:

  • Improved validation with standard deviation, minmax, gap and followup analysis.

  • Dimensional report tables.

  • Improved GIS with predefined legend sets, export to png and excel workbook, and labels.

  • Client side / on-the-fly validation of forms.

  • Data archiving.

  • Embedded help.

  • Merging of organisation units and elimination of data element duplicates.

  • Objective dataset completeness reporting.

  • Support for Chrome, Opera, IE8.

Download of Live, WAR file, source code can be found here: http://dhis2.org/downloads

Documentation and Javadocs can be found here: http://dhis2.org/documentation

best regards,

the DHIS 2 team