[dhis-mobile] Minutes from meeting today

Ccing dev list again.


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On Jan 4, 2012 1:25 PM, “Jason Pickering” jason.p.pickering@gmail.com wrote:

Adding to the devs list.

Long andnings discussed this briefly this morning. Data appears to be transmitted and persisted but results in the “Whoops” exception page. The mobile client does not return an "uploaded successful " message. Defiently a bug it would seem but not blocking at the moment, at least according to a brief report from. Senegal.

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On Jan 3, 2012 12:20 PM, “Lars Kristian Roland” lars@roland.bz wrote:

Long said he thought it wasn’t working any more. But he would check again and also look at what short term fixes could be done.

If it works, that’s very good.

There have been some changes in program tracking that may have broken the program tracking client, but the required fixes may not be very large.

The goal however has to be to reach a stable and more robust protocol that we can rely on for a while now + support GPRS based auto-update.

Is the Senegal server in production now?

What are the differences between the Senegal branch and trunk?


On 03.01.2012 12:06, Jason Pickering wrote:

Are you sure the current facility client do not work on 2.6? I have

upgraded the Senegalese install to 2.6 but have not noticed any issues.

Of course the protocol needs work but I was snot aware the current

clients and server were not compatible. I did some basic testing the

other day after the upgrade and it seemed to work for the facility

client from the Senegal mobile client branch.



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On Jan 3, 2012 11:29 AM, “Lars Kristian Roland” <lars@roland.bz > > > > > > mailto:lars@roland.bz> wrote:

Jo has left. We need to focus on prioritizing the right tasks for

  the mobile work. The below is quite important to read, as the

decisions may affect some of you and what we support in the future.

The J2ME clients do currently NOT work on 2.6. We propose to fix

this by implementing an improved protocol, rather than just doing a


The main task to be done is the new protocol for J2ME. There are a

number of reasons why we need this. The open issue now is who should

work in implementing this, in addition to Long.

  - It needs to be more robust. Currently fails for HTTP 200 that

comes from operator's interrupted messages.

  - Multiple version support simultaneously?? Need protocol versioning.

  - Update procedure? HTTP check of the desired version. Version X.Y

(X=major, Y=minor) If X doesn't match, force update. If Y doesn't

match, offer to update but do not force. Update by starting up web

browser and downloading

new JAR.

  - Tracking and aggregate reporting currently share the same API.

Should these be separate?

There are some other tasks (non-protocol) that also need handling:

- SMS out (Program tracking needs alerts, completeness report on SMS)

- SMS in (We hope to avoid using SMS as a transport for J2ME from

now on. We hope to phase it out. SMS in may be relevant for other

things, like simple plain SMS messages for registration/enrollement

etc. This can be on the roadmap for the future. )

- Zambia/Senegal (Mobile usage reimbursing project. Not started yet.

Long will discuss with Jason on this. Make sure Knut and mobilars

are in the email loop. Make sure Long is in Vietnam when Kristin and

Knut are in Vietnam. )

- Both tracking and aggregate J2ME client reporting is broken in 2.6.

- Syri pilot things???


- New protocol is high priority. We need to find out who will

implement the server side. Long will have to work on both

server/clients side, but may need some help on this.

- Long will check if J2ME-broken-in-2.6 is a small fix, if so, he'll

do the fix. If not, we will not fix J2ME client for 2.6 (need to

tell everybody about this to make sure there no issues).

- SMS in protocol will no longer be supported from J2ME

- Master students will work on SMS out for messaging,

report/completeness alerts and program tracking alerts.

- J2ME program tracking is required for Uganda (March???)

- J2ME facility reporting is required for updated Punjab client

(early summer???)

- J2ME facility reporting is required for Zambia/Senegal (needs

update for reliability due to HTTP 200 issue)