[DHIS-2] No dataset attribute selection option in DHIS2-mobile(2.17, Build# 17625) aggregate data entry



*There is no option to select attributes(Category combinations) for datasets in the mobile versions(both light & smartphone).

*Its a bit urgent for us as we have these attributes in almost all the datasets and we need to have mobile data entry option available as well. Any estimates on how soon could this be resolved?

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Gaurav, I am having the same issue.

One of our country staff cannot see the attribute option drop down menu in the data entry app for aggregate data. I’ve verified that 1.) he has access to that country OU 2.) he is part of the country user groups 3.) the data sets are shared with those user groups. Still, he’s not seeing the project dropdown in the data entry app. Anyone find a solution to this issue?