DHIS 2 Android Capture app on Chromebook

We are contemplating (as one of our options) deploying DHIS 2 Android Capture app on Chromebooks to be used in a resource constrained setting. Has anyone installed DHIS 2 Capture app on a Chromebook? Does anyone have any experience with its implementation? We will like to learn from your experience.
We will like to know if there is any special consideration we need to factor in before we take a decision?

Thank you

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Hello @medallion!

In The Gambia they are working on an EMIS implementation using Chromebooks. The DHIS 2 Android application is working well although there are some things you might consider while planning:

  • Chromebooks have limitations on terms of OS and are not fully capable computers. For example some software might not work (current Microsoft Office package depending on what you have). Also in terms of processor are usually a bit limited.
  • You will probably need to include a management layer to manage both the devices and the users. This usually comes with a Google subscription, education centers, NGOs and developing countries can benefit from a big discount. This point could be avoided by setting every Chrome as a standalone device but I would really not recommend it as it will be a big headache to support in the future. If, however, is a short project (in time) could be an option. This would also apply most probably for any Android implementation but with the Chromebooks you cannot use the device without a Google Account (that is the difference between the phones and the Chromebooks)
  • Some Chromebooks do not have touch screen, this might impact on your training and your manuals. You might need to budget external devices (i.e. mice) as data encoders might not feel comfortable with the touchpad / trackpad.

So, in brief, DHIS 2 Android App works well and the questions above are questions that you might consider for any implication (either phones/Chromebooks). If you have specific concerns I might be able to help you a bit better.

Maybe someone from The Gambia can give a better input on how they have done all this. Also @jerry might be able to contribute to this discussion.



Hi @jaime.bosque
Thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated.


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Really good feedback here. I find it very useful to our setup, thanks for sharing this!