DHIS 2.39.1 Unable to add line listing app visualizations to dashboard

Dear CoP,

I am seeking assistance on how to add visualizations from the new line listing app to the dashboards.

The visualization list ind the dashboard app does not bring any items from the line listing app. See screenshot below - I have visualizations in the new line listing app but they don’t show as can be seen.


Hi @ckambobe you can write on the space that appears “search for visualization” but remembre all time how you seve the item that you are looking for.

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Hi @IBitone ,

When i search using the name i saved with, nothing comes up in the search results

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Please check the sharing settings of the favorite and make sure at least the view access is given: Data Visualizer - DHIS2 Documentation

Hi @Gassim,

I have actually had this issue for a while, thought if I wait for new releases of the Line Listing App, it would get resolved along the way.

I am admin of the instance with Full Authority. I have assigned the viewing rights but still can’t access the Visualizations from the Line Listing App in the Dashboard App

Not sure what to do now.

G’day Cynthia,
Just tested this in the play server (v2.39.1.1) & I (as admin user) can add an existing Line List Favourite to an existing Dashboard e.g. this one.
There is a catch as it is shown as an Event Report…

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Hello everyone. Has anyone gotten this to work? We are running 2.39.1.