DHIS 2.33 Event Reports pagination

Hello Everyone.

I notice that when I open an analytics did and saved in Event Reports the pagination does not work. I can’t go to next pages. When I click on arrow nothing happen.

I’ve also tested on this instance https://play.dhis2.org/2.33dev and I see the same issue.


Hi @didate,

Are you encountering the same issue as in this JIRA issue? [DHIS2-8706] - Jira

If so, until it is fixed, you can use @jan’s workaround: “Until the fix gets shipped a “workaround” could be to click update immediately after loading the favourite, that seems to add back the pager”

Best regards,

Hello @Karoline,

Thank for your response. This workaround seems to work.

I notice other things, when I open an analytic (always, In Event Report), selected attributtes are removed from the Selected data items.
You can see on below images.

Hi, this is still in 2.33.3?
This should have been fixed, see [DHIS2-8414] - Jira, but maybe it is a little bit of a different issue. Could you comment on the issue with your problem?

Best regards,

Hello @Karoline,

Okey I see haven’t changed the build yet. I’m still on 2.33.2.

Let me change it and test.

Thank you.