DHIS 2.0.6 Beta released

To all,

a beta version of DHIS 2.0.6 has been released and can be downloaded here:


This release includes a nice list of improvements which can be found here:


The final release date is Friday January 21. This release contains the patient/“NBITS” module and the mobile server module in addition to the standard DHIS 2 modules, and is synchronized with the release of the Indian version.

A demo will be put up as soon as we have updated the sample database. We urge everyone to provide feedback and use the Launchpad bug tracker to report bugs:


To devs,

we will not create a release branch until mid next week since there is a lot of overhead associated with fixing bugs in two places. That means that there is positively no new functionality going into trunk until that happens. In any case we need to focus on bug fixing and making the user interface smoother in terms of validation and consistency in the coming week.

Have a nice weekend.