DHIS 14 File Imports

I know this is not really a bug, but was wondering if the user feedback could be improved during a 1.4 file import, if an error occurs.
For instance, my database has values larger than 2^31 which are not supported during the import process.

In the logs I see…

ERROR 12:06:57,489 Table RoutineData contains values larger than 2^31 which is out of range (DefaultDhis14FileImportService.java [Thread-20])

However, what the user sees is

“Process completed”

Ideally, it would be good to 1) Report to the user that the process actually failed and 2) The error that caused the process to fail.

I can create a blueprint if it is worth it.



Jason P. Pickering
email: jason.p.pickering@gmail.com