DHIS 1.4 - 2 interoperability


just a heads up on DHIS 1.4 - 2 interoperability.

DHIS 1.4 starting from build 139 now contains functionality for
exporting data records to the DXF2 format (dataValueSet). This means
that you can "seamlessly" export data from a DHIS 1.4 system into DHIS
2 without thinking about Access drivers or potentially messing up your

In this regard DHIS 1.4 added a UID column to the DataElement and
OrganisationUnit tables. These UIDs will have to be synchronized
between the 1.4 and 2 instances for this to work properly.

You can use this by choosing the option "DHIS 2 (dxf2)" under "Export
options" in DHIS 1.4.

Thanks to Greg for great work.