DHER Pivot Table Issus

Hi Crizelle

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve forwarded this message to dhis2 mailing lists as i can’t deal with it immediately and will be useful to see if others have seen something similar.

I’ve looked at the excel file and the the pictures and I see the problem.

In order to know where the problem is coming in you’d want to look at the aggregateddatavalue table in dhis2 and the resulting aggregateddatavalue table in the .dmart file (using sqlitestudio) to check for discrepancies. There is nothing i can think of which would cause this kind of truncation to occur. Rounding I can certainly imagine but this seems to be very different.



On 6 November 2012 10:17, Crizelle Nel crizellenel@gmail.com wrote:

Hi Lars and Bob,

I picked up a problem in the DHER pivot tables I created using the MyDataMart tool a few weeks back.

I used the sub-districts of Fezile Dabi district to indicate the problem.

The attached jpegs show the sub-district totals for the data element “PHC expenditure” as they are correctly stored in the database.

In the attached pivot table (sheet OU4) you will see that only a few of these values pulled through correctly (green fill colour). The others are incorrectly displayed as decimal values (yellow fill colour).

All I can think of is that these values are too big and that, somewhere in the export to datamart process or in Excel, they are read as exponential values and then incorrectly converted to decimals.

This is a big problem because we can’t use the data in the pivot tables if we can’t trust it which means that I currently need to pull everything straight from the database.

I’ll appreciate if you can look at this as soon as possible.

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