Design for Analytics Level 1 - East Africa

Since the first day of 10 August 2020 I was part of the DHIS2 virtual training -Design for analytics level 1-East African. Now, I 'm trying to get into this cause, but it seems like I’m kicked out of the training because it says enroll by invitation and now requires me to re-enroll while I can’t able to enroll , I’ve been part of the training from day one to day 7 and I’ve been doing all the tasks wanted. I am not sure what happens really. What the issue is. What had gone wrong


Dear @Shapr0019,

thanks for your request and sorry to read that you are struggling to enter the course. Can I ask you to send your request directly to stating the email address you have been using to log in from day 1 to day 7? This will help the team to investigate and help you.


Thank you so much for your swift reply. Its working well now, I can access my course

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