DEs grouping

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Is there any naming convention for data element groups that I need follow?


Hi @dmbantu

No, I think the most important in naming DE groups is for you to easily recognize the DE group and what kind of data elements that are assigned to the group. And how to easily look up the DE group when using it in analytics tools.


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Hi @Caroline,

Thanks for your answer.

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Hi Davuya,
Caroline is correct, Intuitive DE Group naming and assigning DE to the appropriate group are crucial. Sometimes it will help if you have a core group name and then create more groups with additional identifiers. An example would be to have a group called MNCH ANC/MNCH PNC/MNCH Delivery/MNCH Neonatal/MNCH FP/MNCH PMTCT etc. For EPI you could create the following DE Groups: EPI Dose/EPI Vaccine stock/EPI Management. Where possible you should then create Indicator Groups with the same names, so that there is consistency. If you create a lot of Count indicators, make a separate group. You can add a group called MNCH Count or EPI Dose Count. I hope this helps you with configuring the DE and Indic groups


Hi @Norah_Stoops,

Thank you so much for this information. it is really useful.

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