Deleted Events still present in the Event Reports tables

Hi Everyone,
we had moved all the events imported previously for a specified orgUnit from one Program to another.

We do this exporting all events for the specified OrgUnit and Program, then importing it in the new one and at the and, deleting the events from the first program.

The import and export operations are made correct (using API), but the DELETE produce some unexpected result:

  1. under the Event Capture all the event we have to delete are deleted

  2. but under Event Reports almost all events are still present (6867 events - initially they was 7700)

When I run the analytics, the process is performed correctly, and is I add or remove some event (included in the specified program and OrgUnit), the numbers change correctly, but the initial number of the events remains 6867, instead of 0.

It seems that the analytics tables are not cleared correctly after the deletion of the events.

Some suggestion how to resolve the problem?

Event Capture


Event Reports