Deleted Events remain visible to Users on Reload-Bug?

Dear COP,
Using DHIS2 v2.39.1.1 both our live instance and on Play.DHIS2, when a user deletes a tracker program stage event, the event instace disappears temporalily, but if they refresh the page, the event is brought back to being visible. This creates a problem as users try to enter data in the soft deleted event which in turn throws an error because the event doesn’t exist technically. I believe this is a bug which should be resolved if there will be a patch for
While we wait for the fix, is there a way to create a custome cron job to permanently delete soft deleted events and instances?

Deleting TEIs also has a long lag that makes users keep repeating the same procedure over and over thinking the TEI was not deleted the first time. Though I cant reproduce this second issue on play so might be on our instance alone, Ill appreciate any insight on what could be causing the lag for deleting TEIs.

Thank you in advance.

Is it a normal refresh? Or a hard-reload? Could you create a Jira issue for this?

I understand we need to perform maintenance but the issue you’re facing is that users are refreshing the page before maintenance is run?

Maybe using the scheduler …?

Hi @Gassim, just a normal refresh or navigation to a different page. This is was introduced only in version, version is working normally. Unfortunately I cant see a cron job on scheduler which can handle this. It’s practically impossible to run mainatance every time a user deletes an event.

This can be reproduced on play as well. Ill go ahead and create a JIRA Issue on this.

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