Delete program stage event in tracker capture no longer possible


I’m currently implementing a tracker capture (v2.27) program in Zambia with a tracker capture app component (v0.5.1). Some of the events recorded on the app refuse to sync with the server, so I am manually enrolling the entities into the program on the instance, and then syncing the event from the app, which then allows me to send the event. However, this approach creates two events.

When I go back into the instance to delete the second event, the “delete” button is now greyed out. Yesterday, this was not the case. I am a Superuser. Does anyone have any idea why this feature is now all of a sudden unavailable? I’ve tried to clear the cache on my computer and within the instance, and I’ve used an incognito window. The delete button is still unavailable. Any tips or advice are much appreciated.



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Hello Aimee,
Did you get any help on this issue?


In this case one possible explanation could be that the user only had read access to the program stage and could therefor not delete it. Note that on the second screenshot we see that the input field is disabled/blocked, which further strengthens my suspicion that this user did not have write access to the program stage.