Deflated data values error

Hi All
I received this error after marking a data entry as ‘complete’. Are there ny solutions? Could this be related to data validation?

Exception (java.lang.RuntimeException): Failed to get deflated data values


Caused by (org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException): Column PT.NAME not found; SQL statement: SELECT dv.dataelementid, dv.periodid, dv.sourceid, dv.categoryoptioncomboid, dv.value, dv.storedby, dv.lastupdated, dv.comment, dv.followup, ‘-92’ AS minvalue, ‘564’ AS maxvalue, ‘Fever treatments by health facility’ AS dataelementname, AS periodtypename, pe.startdate, pe.enddate, ‘Agoro’ AS sourcename, cc.categoryoptioncomboname FROM datavalue AS dv JOIN period AS pe USING (periodid) JOIN periodtype AS pt USING (periodtypeid) LEFT JOIN categoryoptioncomboname AS cc USING (categoryoptioncomboid) WHERE dv.dataelementid=‘29’ AND dv.categoryoptioncomboid=‘1’ AND dv.periodid IN (12) AND dv.sourceid=‘286’ AND ( CAST( dv.value AS DOUBLE ) < ‘-92’ OR CAST( dv.value AS DOUBLE ) > ‘564’ ) [42122-119]