Defined an indicator based on program's indicator, the result is 0


I have defined two program indicator : number of doctor on program of doctor register and number of nurse on program of nurse registering, and then defined an indicator :ratio_of_nurse_doctor= num_of_nurse/num_of_doctor.
query in visual app, got the num_of_nurse、um_of_doctor, but the ratio_of_nurse_doctor is 0.
need I do analysis table again to analysis the ratio_of_nurse_doctor indicator?

and. how to define an indicator across programs?


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Hi @linxd

Yes, I believe that you will find @Brian’s explanation of combined indicators very helpful in this video from the Tracker Config Academy L1 (URL at current time of explanation): Tracker Configuration Academy 2022 Day 8 Part 3 - YouTube

I believe you also need to run the analytics again because you are aggregating.

Is it always zero? If the num_of_nurse is zero then the case is correct? :smiley: Did you start the analytics tables export? I think yes, it is necessary!

I hope this helps! Thank you! (:


Thanks. it works

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