dataValueSets api deprecation between v33 and v35?

Hello fellow dhis2 integrators.

The docs for the /dataValueSets endpoint on seem to suggest that to access this endpoint we should specify api version 33: /api/33/dataValueSets.

Sure enough, when listing the available resources for a dhis2 play instance running 35, I see no /dataValueSets endpoint:

Does anyone know if the dataValueSets endpoint is being deprecated after v33? Or is it simply not available under that resources list on the latest play version?

I might be misunderstanding the docs here, too. I see that for trackedEntityInstances, some of the docs on master specify using /api/trackedEntityInstances and others specify /api/33/trackedEntityInstances.

Thanks in advance for your help—and sorry if I’ve missed something obvious in the docs. Wouldn’t be the first time :slight_smile:

CC @chaiwa

@taylordowns2000 Yes, the docs still show examples for version 33 and not latest. And also knowing why /dataValueSets is not part of the /api/resources would be great, because it gives a false sense of deprecation. But after testing fetching data values, the endpoint works for both version 33 and latest.