DataValue with CategoryOptionCombo not store in dataset from Android

Please I need help to confirm if I am missing some implementation strategy.

In my custom app form, I have a DE with Category Option Combo. When I enter value on my laptop in the field, the value is saved in the database. But when I enter value in an android phone in the category combo fields I get an error message and the data will not be submitted. I am unable to inspect the network tab in the mobile and I am not getting error in my laptop.

Meanwhile other fields without CategoryOptionCombo submit seamlessly without issue both on laptop and on android.

Does any setting of the metadata affect data capture in android device?

My only observation is that in the dataset, the Category Combination field is set at None. But I have about 3 different Category Combination for the dataset.

I noticed that some datasets in the demo has compulsoryDataElementOperands setup where there is category combo. What is the implication of omitting this in a dataset?

Hello @jetisco4u,

based on the description, I think it might be related to sharing settings. Could you share a screenshot of the DataSet entry screen in the Android app? Does it display all the possible combinations in different columns (as web does)?


It’s a custom app I am using. I shared the COC with the appropriate group and I even try to use it with admin privilege but with no success.

If you are using a custom app, could inspect the content of the tables DataValueConflict and D2Error? They can give us some hints about the problem. You can share them with me in private, if possible.

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Where can I access the table?

You can use Flipper to inspect the DB (only if you are running in debug mode) or Android Studio. In code, you can access the D2Error table by using its repository (d2.maintenanceModule().d2Errors()). The DataValueConflicts don’t have a repository, we should add them.

Also, please share any screenshot showing the error if you have them.


To complement @vgarciabnz 's answer, please note that we explained how Flipper can be used here: Android Troubleshooting (technical guide)

I am still unable to debug this. Like I said I am not using the Android app but a custom app that uses PWA built on the App platform. DE with the category combination and COC stored well on laptop. The error comes when I use a mobile device

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood your issue. I thought you were using a custom Android app, but it seems your are using a custom web app from an Android device. If so, I think the platform team could assist you on that #app-platform #development

Yeah I am using a custom web app from an Android device. But after several failed attempt to fix the issue, I jettison the idea of using COC. I went back to creating multiple DE for the COC and use default value for COC.

By the way @vgarciabnz thanks for reaching out.