dataSet does not show aggregated data for the higher level

Dear community,

Please guide me, as I faced with a strange problem on version 2.38.3.
I am trying to get aggregated data from dataSet for the descendant orgUnits. But got empty data. If I open each descendant orgUnits individually I can see the data.

for example I have data entered in Ngellehun CHC, Golu MCHP, Jembe CHC.
And if I open those OUs I can see the data, but when I am trying to get aggregated dataSet report for the Badjia or Baoma, or for Bo there are no aggregated data shown.

What I have done wrong? Any suggestions? Sharing and data access permissions are done correctly.

Thank you
Regards, Ulanbek

Dear community,

Maybe it will be useful for someone, who may face the same problem as I described above. I found the root of the problem. It was connected to the Aggregation levels of the dataElements. I have removed all and left default aggregation levels and the dataSet reports are working now.



Yes, thank you so much for sharing the solution that worked. :slight_smile: