Data Visualizer App Does Not Respect System Settings for Digit Seperator

We just upgraded to 2.36.0 from 2.33.8 and in testing, I noticed that all our single value charts with more than 3 digits (SVC from hereon) now have spaces as the separator. Our system settings for digit separator is ‘Comma’.
Is there a way to make it respect the settings and would not require us to edit all our SVCs one by one?

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Hi @ifeanyiokoye, we’ve not seen that issue on our side, but we’re looking into it. Just testing now, and I see that if comma is set it is showing correctly, but if I change it back to space and clear cache then it does not change and the comma is still there. Is this similar to the issue you’re experiencing?

You can follow that ticket

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Hi @Scott, the option to specify separators in the SVC was not available in 2.33. In our system settings, we had specified the comma as the separator.
My thinking is that shouldn’t the different analytics apps respect that setting?

We had noticed in 2.33 that the pivot table app too had stopped respecting that setting and you needed to now go to the options and select it.

If this has to be done for each visualization or analysis, what is the value of the system setting?