Data Visualizer 2.35.4 (Favorite issue)


Not able to save the changes in the favorite data visualizer.

It gives an error.


Hello, @Consultant , welcome to the community! May I ask you to take screenshots of the Console and Network so that we could understand what the issue is? Click F12,

Additionally, have you tried to clear cache in DHIS2 and in the browser? Thank you!

Hi ,

Please find the screenshot attached ,

I don’t see anything in the network though.

This is happening when we try to upgrade the system and there are some favorites in the previous instance e.g 2.33 and now we upgraded to 2.35.

So now when we try to open the favorites and then try to change the period or some setting of any dimension it does not save.

Please take a screenshot of the Network but you’ll need to try the action which causes the error again after opening the network tab and then take the screenshot.

Just to clarify some thing please, are you facing this 404 issue in any other app? Do you face it when creating new charts for example and then saving?

No not for new only the old ones.