Data Visualization error

I am trying to have an indicator about infant rate per facility where its numerator and denominator are both aggregate type
when trying to show it through data visualizer i get the following error , knowing that i am a super user and using DHIS 2 version

any idea why?

Hi @Haliz.t

If you paid attention on the bottom given a reason: you have no rights to view data for the given OU(s).
So revise your data capture and data output organisations list.

Regards, Ulanbek


Hi @Ulanbek Thanks for replying to my post, as i mentioned before i am a superuser in this program and so below you can see my user authorities in terms of OUs , i can capture data, make outputs and search all OUs

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Dear @Haliz.t,

Then open developer’s tools and check what you can see on the console and network tabs. Normally you will get an answers there.

Otherwise share your console and network tabs screenshots.

Regards, Ulanbek

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Dear @Ulanbek
please find below the console response when i performed data visualization

Try to open and check the response of the server on the response in red - starting with analytics…

There you will find an answer to your questions.

Regards, Ulanbek

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Thank you @Ulanbek!

@Haliz.t, you might need to clear the cache using the Browser Cache Cleaner app and the Data Administration app → Maintenance → Clear application cache and Reload apps.

To be 100% sure it’s not a cache issue, please try again by using the browser’s Guest Mode. Hope this helps!


Dear @Gassim i have made it as a role of thumb that whenever i do any change or before i perform any task i clear the cache from the Cache app and i also perform clear analytic tables and clear application cache and reload app consequently … Thanks a lot for mentioning that … however when i performed the same task of data visualization using guest mode browser i had this error again