Data treatment

Hello everyone,

I’ve made Power BI Dashboard directly linked in DHIS2. In other words, I made a lot of treatment to transform the data in power bi and I want to know if except Excel and Power Bi is there any kind of application who provide query to transform the data to avoid to transform the data many times ? What I mean is that, if I need the data in Excel I have to make the data transformation once again but I’d like an application where I’ll have to transform the data once and just take it for my need (Excel or Power Bi). I hope my explanation are clear.


Hi @Lanja,

Thank you for your post and welcome back! :tada:

May I ask you what do you mean by ‘data transformation’? It’s possible to export data from the analytics tools as well. It’d be great if you’d provide an example please. Are you looking for integration apps? Could you explain the use case a bit more?

You might want to check out the apps in ( is there an app that fits the description? Or closely related?