Data Sync Issue - Android Capture For "Mobile_User" role with one Org Unit Level 4 assigned

Dear Community,
I am having synchronization issue with the Android Capture.
The sync works very well when i am connected with the Superuser profile but sounds like the user role that i have defined for the “Mobile_user” doesn’t have the sync requirements.
Was asking if somebody already had this.


Hello @amadoungone12,
Could you make sure that on web this role assigned to other users is able to enter data into the system?
Additionally, this particular role will need authorities to

  1. add/update data value
  2. See the app you are using for data collection whether Tracker capture, Capture or data entry Apps

Let us know if this was helpful!


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Hi Emma,

  1. I did apply the “add/update data value” to the user role.
  2. The app that i am using is the Android Capture for DHIS2 V 2.1

I am still having the same issue.

Can you paste here the error you get (or a screenshot)?

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Sure @jaime.bosque.
Here are some screenshots.

Hi @amadoungone12.

I think the best way to see what is failing is to go inside the program and trying to synchronize the specifc TEI so you can see the error.

Anyway, I presume that as it is working with a superuser account and not with another account probably there are some DataElements or Attributes that have not been shared with that specific user. Could you double check that?

Hi @jaime.bosque Thanks for this.
Following your advice my problem is now solve.
I share the write rights acces to the user on the Tracked Entity Type.
Now the user can sync properly.


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