Data Set


We have been working on a data set called Health Structures: Minimum Standards. This needs a total scoring on 20 where each Yes = 1. In addition though, we also need to know a count of the items that were scored 0 and those that were not relevant to the project (so there is no value) or not assessed at all. Although we initially made DEs with a validation rule that the number should be either 0 or 1, the data entry allowed a number other than these to be entered.

The next thing we did then was to use the Yes/No value type with an Aggregation type: Count - Screenshot 1 (attached). We created three data elements (TEST HS MS DE, TEST HS MS DE 2 and TEST HS MS DE 3). This works quite well for the data entry where we ticked first as Yes, second as No and left the third one blank.

However, when trying to visualise this data, the tools counts the number of items with a “Yes”, but seems to interpret the “No” as a 0, hence not giving us a count of the same. The second screenshot shows Data viz interprets this. With this kind of interpretation, we are unable to further make indicators to total up some/all of the elements as scores we require.

Is there something we may be missing or perhaps another way of addressing this sort of data set?

Any help is much appreciated.



Carolyn Tauro

OCA HIS Medical Content Officer

Manson Unit - UK

Médecins Sans Frontières OCA