Data set sections - ensuring section data element sortorder when multiple catcombos in section


We have a range of data sets, where we have created sections for Android Capture App use - and many of the sections have data elements with different categories (typically several of each in a “block” or “sub-section”.

The problem / challenge is to control the sequence of how these sub-sections are displayed in the tabs in data entry: We want to enforce the section data element sort order, but it seems the different blocks of data elements are appearing in some kind of random sequence. Since those blocks reflect similar blocks on the monthly summary paper forms, we want to enforce the same flow on both paper and electronic media.

The random display of data element “blocks” occur on both web and android interfaces.

Assistance to resolve this, or else to verify that it is a bug or design flaw, will be appreciated.

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Hi @Calle_Hedberg perhaps DHIS2-11599 is what you are looking for?

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