Data output and analytic organisation units - view user role

Hi all,

I want to configure users with view data privileges; not with capture data privileges. Is this the correct option Data output and analytic organisation units when creating this kind of user?

There is also Data capture and maintenance organisation units option, which I think I do not have to tick as it for capturing data.

Am I right?


Hi @hernandezmachava,

From what I understood from the docs is that a user should have at least one data capture and maintenance organisation unit (no, it’s not optional), and it’s not necessary to select the “Data output and analytic organisation units (optional)” if you select the same OU; however, the difference is that for example if you want the user to be able to view aggregate data in the analytics apps for other OUs then you’d be giving the user this authority by selecting it from the Data output and analytic organisation units.

Even though it says data capture, if you don’t give the user access to the data capture app and the apps used for data entry then the user won’t be able to perform data entry but will still be able to view data related to the assigned OUs.

Hi @hernandezmachava

Configuring access is really a blend of three different concepts

  1. User roles
  2. User groups
  3. Sharing

To set up a data analysis user you should

  1. Have a user role with the right authorities to access the data analysis apps you want them to view including identifying how you will handle public vs. private saved items
  2. Create or update user groups that will access the metadata and datasets/programs you want them to analyze
  3. Share the metadata/datasets/programs with these user groups applying the right sharing settings to the user

I would suggest having a look at each of these concepts a bit more in the documentation to understand how they work together.

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