Data Integrity Checks goes blank

Hi. DHIS2 newbie here. When I run Data Integrity Checks lately, it spins for a bit and then goes blank. Previously it would give me useful information about a couple issues. Is this a sign that I have corrupted something, perhaps? I am prototyping some Event and Tracker Programs. I am working in v. 2.34.7. Any advice on how I can get this to work again? Thanks.

Hi @stirone,
Welcome to the community! It’s important to see error logs to know what’s happening. Would you please share the Network logs in the Console (F12 → Network tab) after you run the checks? Additionally, could you check if there are errors in the Catalina logs (feel free to share them without sharing any sensitive info). Thanks! (:

Thank you, Gassim, for your reply. Strangely, the problem has disappeared. I tried it so I could see the Network logs, and it now works just fine. It did not work for several days, previously. I do not know why it resolved itself. I am unfamiliar with the Catalina logs, by the way. Thanks.

I found documentation on the logs and how to view them, so I am good now. Thank you again for your support!

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