Data import help needed


I am trying to import few pre-collected data into dhis2 tracker program. Not all the follow-up data, only patient profile where only 22 variables for 100 persons. Later we will update the follow-up data as per visit date.

All the instances, coding, naming are same in tracker and excel sheet.

How can I do it? somebody help me please.

Thanks in advance

Welcome back to the community @md-rahim ! :tada:

Please have you tried the Tracked Entity Instances import using the Import Export app? You need to save the info as JSON or XML. Please check out the instructions here Tracked Entity Instances Import

You could also the API if you have the info saved as CSV (as long as the CSV template is used) . Please check the instructions Creating a new tracked entity instance and you might find the updates in the New Tracker helpful New Tracker - Tracked Entity

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for your response.
Do you have any video tutorial step by step for the whole process? I am totally new for this import work.

Thanks in advance.

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I don’t think that this has been illustrated in video, @md-rahim; however, please feel free to post your questions to the community if you have a question or face a challenge.

Thank you!

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