Data exchange between DHIS2 and other external systems

Hello team,

For data exchange between external systems (other HMIS or LMIS), does it have to be with the DHIS2 “code” variable? Can external data exchange or integration be performed with the “id” variable/field on DHIS2?

It depends which DHIS2 resource will be used for the exchange but you should be able to fetch/update API resources by ID. However, I usually suggest codes to identify resources. DHIS2 ID identifiers are opaque and can change from one DHIS2 implementation to another even though they can be logically pointing to the same resource (e.g., same org unit). Codes are typically human-readable and you have more control over them.

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a custom attribute value is also a good candidate

Thanks @claude.mamo
But ideally, both can work?

Generally speaking, yes.

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