Data Entry Reminders

Is there a way to set up reminders for data entry in DHIS2? I would like to remind users that data are due in the system 21 days after the data set period ends (reminders sent at 21 and 7 days until due). Thanks!


Hi @berhard,
In the older versions, ie 2.28 and lower there is no automated way of doing this in DHIS2.
Let me suggest 2 alternative and manual ways of doing this:

  1. Use the Messaging App in DHIS2 and send this reminder to a group of users (No additional cost incurred)
  2. Use the mobile configuration app and set up SMS gateway to send this reminder to a group of users (Additional costs will be incurred).

Perhaps someone here has some really good ideas.


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Hi @Emma_Kassy,

Blake Hansen (@bhansen) from BAO emailed me the following:

For this, I think you should be able to use the “schedule days” option within the data set notifications object type. It will send relative to the period type of the data set. As for the users you wish to send the notification to, you will simply need to associate them into a group to remind them, and use this group as the recipients for the notification.

Is this correct, @Emma_Kassy, or just a misinterpretation of documentation? If the above is true, and schedule days refers to days after a period has ended, this should work, correct?


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Hi @berhard,
This is possible in the latest versions of DHIS2 ie 2.29 and above.
There is a feature called “Dataset Notification” in Maintenance>>Dataset>>Dataset Notification that allows to send notifications before or after. You can also setup multiple reminders for the same dataset.
Refer here for more information

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