Data entry fields grayed, not able to enter data

Users are encountering an issue in entering data as fields are grayed but from the setting, the fields are enabled. Please throw your solutions. DHIS version:2.29
Form setting


Thank you

Dear @Sangay_Tenzin

Thanks for sharing.

There a number of possibilities and you may need to check one by one

  1. If you are using category options, most likely the users are not shared to these category options.
  2. On dataset sharing, most likely the users are not shared to capture data but only view
  3. Check on the closing dates of the orgunits too should not be in the past
  4. Check on the closing dates of the category options if you are using category options
  5. Check on the closing date of the dataset

Hope any of these can solve you issue


Dear Prosper,
Thank you for your suggestions, I checked all the options and found out that all have above authority. Still having all the authorities, the form is not working.

So, please suggest other options.

Thanking you

I had the same issue. in addition to the 5 suggestions from @prosper here is one important thing to check: if you changed the category option’s name or any other property after you created the dataset, make sure to remove, save and re-add the data elements to the dataset once more.

There must be some kind of integrity checker that automatically disable data entry elements when the category option property changes.

It doesn’t work also in the demo domain version it works properly when I use the existing category, newly created categories have the same issue in the aggregate data entry view.

Hi @Kyawmoewai_Ngp, welcome to the community! :tada:

After creating the new categories could you check if it’s a cache issue or not by visiting the instance while on your browser’s guest mode? If the issue doesn’t appear while on guest mode then it’s 100% a cache issue and the solution is to make sure to clear the cache using the Browser Cache Cleaner app.

If it’s not a cache issue, would you please share the steps to reproduce?

Thank you!

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