Data Entry app: Completed by ... which user? storedBy or lastUpdatedBy?


I am facing this issue: there is a dataset that was completed by an user (“seminiano”) and this is saved in the “storedBy” field of the completeDataSetRegistrations.

I have imported the “completeness” of that dataset to another server using the API (api/completeDataSetRegistrations).

The payload contains “seminiano” in the “storedBy” field). After the import my user (“imported”) is included in the “lastUpdatedBy” field.


The data entry app is showing the “lastUpdatedBy” username instead of the “storedBy” username. Is that the intended behaviour or is it a bug?

Just in case, in the documentation of api/completeDataSetRegistrations it is mentioned the “storedBy” username but not the “lastUpdatedBy” username.

Hey @ctejo

When I followed the API requests being sent by both the Data Entry app and the Data Entry app (beta), the two fields that are being updated when we click on Mark as Complete are both “storedBy” and “lastUpdatedBy”, so ideally I think they need to be the same when you are importing using the API.


Hey @Gassim

thanks for your feedback. Could make sense to update the documentation in order to reflect this intended behaviour?

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