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We want to use one data element for two data sets one is DAILY and other is MONTHLY data set.

  1. The question is, can we use one data element for two data sets (daily and monthly) with same health facilities and same reporting periods, with different data?
  2. The second question is, can we set this one data element of monthly data set for monthly target to get percentage for an indicator?

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Jan Agha Stanikzai

Hi Jan

Thanks for reaching out and sorry about the late reply on this one.

  1. As best practice, you should not use one data element across multiple periods. You will not be able to separate the daily reported values from the monthly reported values; they will just aggregate based on the strategy you have defined for that data element. If you want to find out the total of these or compare them, you can use an indicator in order to do so.

  2. Yes, you can do that. Did you want to compare the daily data element with the monthly one? In any case, you can use that monthly data element as a denominator in whichever calculation you are defining.

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Thank you Dutta
I separated both data elements because of reporting, yes it will be difficult to separate daily and monthly data at reporting period.

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Jan Agha Stanikzai

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