Data elements don't have values - 'couldn't save event'

I have something similar happening, insofar as the error message is appearing the same but with a different root cause.Basically for me the “Count not save event” is coming up with an error in console about 2 Data Elements that “don’t have values”, which makes very little sense to me…both Data Elements noted are being hidden by program rules and are not mandatory DE, and have option sets that have options and seem fully built out…

Also, even though it says “could not save event”, the event does save.
Error Saving Event 2.36.4

Hi @Matthew_Boddie, the message “could not save event” is generic as you said it can have a different “root cause” so it doesn’t explain the real reason why there is an error, but the fact that the event does save in my opinion could be a bug. While I ask for further support would you mind taking a screenshot of the Network tab? As well as steps to reproduce this issue might be helpful! Thanks!

@Gassim thanks for the quick reply here.

We were able to get to the bottom of our issue–in this instance basically there was a Program Indicator within the program that pointed to a Data Element which was no longer assigned to the Program. In 2.35.8, this doesn’t come up as an error. In 2.36 it does, because there is slightly better checks into such things (is my assumption).

At this point, I suppose it is mostly that the “Could not save event” is a bit too generic–in fact not actually accurate for this case, as the event itself could save. The console did point us to the Data Elements that weren’t assigned, and we realized from there that it could be wanting those Data Elements in the Program because of Program Indicators.

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