Data element available for all program stages

I am working on a program with 5 stages, and I have a challenge with categorizing individuals into different tracks based on their responses to specific questions at various stages.

For example:

  1. At program stage 2, there is a question about the level of performance with 6 levels.
  2. There is another data element that classifies an individual into a specific path they have enrolled in.

When I try to visualize the events, these questions are not available outside the program stage data elements, making it difficult to show the relationship between the stages and the tracks. When I include the data elements required in all the stages, the visualization does not fit, it comes with a new category N/A and lump everything there.

How can I address this issue to make the questions and their responses available for event visualization?

Hi @christiano_ben

If i understand you correctly you want the following:

  1. register a TEI in a tracker program of five stages
  2. Based on all the responses across five stages which are in the data elements in all those stages, the TEIs will be categorized
  3. Based on this categorization, a visualization that shows the relationship between the responses and the tracks will be created

Have you tried using Program Indicators and combined Indicators to achieve this? Using a program indicator you will be able to categorize based on the response, and then use the program indicators in the visualization. Check out Learner's Guide to Program Indicators - DHIS2 Documentation for more details.