Data does not display

Hi devs
The data for 2016 does not appear in analysis tools (pivot,graphs and GIS) while appearing in data entry forms and report rate summary (when using REPORT APP not pivot table)
I’m using dhis2 V2.28

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Hi @alshaygi,

Make sure you run analytics and when you do run it, make sure to include 2016.

A little explanation:

Data seen in data entry forms is what I like to refer to as “raw” data. The data seen in analytics apps like pivot table, maps, etc. if often referred to as analytics data.

The main difference between these data is how they are stored by DHIS2. Analytics data is generated, based on raw data, and stored in a way that makes it easy to use in the analytic apps. Analytics data is generated by running the analytics process in DHIS2, for example by using the “Scheduler” app.

So in your case, it sounds like you have not run the analytics process on the data that you are not seeing.

Hope this resolves your issue!

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Thanks @Stian
2016 data disappear from the dash board months ago, while the latest one (2017,2018and 019)are already there .
PLZ note that the analytics is run automatically at 12:00pm on daily bases.

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To add on what @Stian shared,
Seems like you have set your scheduler to run for the last 3 years. This might limit the run analytics to exclude 2016.
Could you make sure this is not the case?
Let us know if this works.


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Thanks @Emma_Kassy @Stian
I checked the schedule and it was not the case ,
the schedule was set for all years
(Number of last years of data to include) ALL

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