Data does not display on the data visualizer for some OrgUnits

Hello All,

I am facing a problem with my DHIS2 Instance. Imported data using import wizard. It uploaded successfully and it can be seen on the data entry app. But this data can not be seen on the visualizer app. 2 out of the 4 OrgUint work fine but the other 2 I am not able to visualize.

Data administration; Tables has been generated, caches cleared still no change. Can someone please advice on this.

Dear @Mr_jorge ,

Thanks for your post.

It seems there is an issue with data viewing in the visualizer app.

I would appreciate it if you could please elaborate on the issue.

I would like to know the following points:

  1. What is the DHiS2 version that you are currently working on?
  2. Is it the same version where the data was imported from?
  3. Did you do a configuration change in the environment that led to this problem? Or this issue started after importing data?

I appreciate your feedback on the points above.

For now, I suggest going to the DHiS2 App icon → selecting Data Administration App → Going to the Analytics Tables option, and clicking on Start export. (As seen in the screenshot below):

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