I’ve been trying to set up some dashboards, but I’m having difficulties making something that looks okay. So I have some questions/suggestions/bugs for discussion:

- the font of the «Range axis title» seems to differ between charts. Bug, or is it supposed to try to fit to the space (if so, it fails…)
- range axis min/max is not respected on dashboard
- the chart title IS respected, but even if a title is set under chart options, on the dashboard the favorite name is also used as a title - so it then gets two titles. Would it make sense to only use the custom title if one is set, and else use the name of the favorite?
- legend sets/colors for tables are not displayed

Are there plans for adding custom HTML-«widgets» as dashboard items? I think that has been proposed before. That would be very useful (for example, it would let you use the DV/GIS/PT plugins to work around the above issues..)