Dashboard sharing access rights (again!)

We have the same problem (v.26).
It is very uncomfortable. You never know how you’ll find the statistics that you have prepared for the authorities on the Dashboards.

You have to constantly monitor them and change them on the fly.

Please, correct this bug of the Dashboard sharing access rights. - https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-500





2017-04-11 9:38 GMT+02:00 TIMIMI, Hazim Bakir timimih@who.int:

Dear all,

I am fishing again for a workaround to this problem (v2.25, v2.26). To recap: Dashboard sharing options in our DHIS2 instance are: public access set to ‘None’, TB user group set to ‘Can view’ and TB module superuser group set to ‘Can edit and view’ as per screenshot below:

However, when our TB user group members log in, the ‘Remove’ and ‘Resize’ links in the box bounding each object in the dashboard remain active, so users can easily (and often unintentionally) remove objects. This is clearly a bug. Note that they cannot re-insert the removed object because they do not have edit rights! In other words the sharing settings are being applied correctly for addition of objects but not being applied correctly for removal of objects.

Please please please if anyone has found a workaround to this problem please share as it is causing us a lot of problems!

Many thanks,


Hazim Timimi
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