Dashboard Metadata Dependencies export Indicator errors

Hi Team,
I am trying to export program dashboards using the metadata dependencies option, but indicators are missing. I can see the indicator IDs, but the actual indicator payload is missing, hence the indicators are not exported in the new server.
I am using versions dhis2.36 for both instances.

my solution is to get the indicators in a separate file via APIs.


Hi @abdimohammed

I’d start by recommending an upgrade to one of the latest stable versions of DHIS2 because 2.36 is outdated.

The metadata dependency doesn’t include all the details of the indicators (to the best of my knowledge) and this is why the metadata needs to be exported and imported before the metadata dependency.

Program Indicators should definitely be within Metadata Dependencies, but I don’t actually see how Indicators would be able to; they are not program specific/can be across multiple programs. I have started creating indicator groups and filtering by the group in order to take “complete” pulls of indicators when trying to push entire programs to different servers.

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Thanks for the input! While investigating for my previous post, I thought maybe it works to first import the indictors and program indicators first before importing the programs?

Hi @Matthew_Boddie ,
How do I fetch all indicators belonging to a specific group? Should I use APIs or there is an inbuilt dhis2 functionality?

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@abdimohammed Yeah I usually go through the API so that I can end up with a JSON that I can import.


with the indicatorGroup ID is usually how I’d accomplish this. You can get the list of indicatorGroups through api/indicatorGroups