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Hi Community,

We had a dashboard for level 2 and it has many graphs, tables, maps to show level 3,4 data.

In order to have same dashboard for other level 2, we have to clone that level 2 dashboard and clone all graphs, tables, maps(with difference level 3,4 selection)

Is there any other smarter way to do that like “filter” as we have XX level 2?


Hi @Truong_Nguyen

Thanks for posting this!
You can select the option “User organisation unit” inside organisation unit options. This is a way to dynamically select the org units that the logged in user is associated to. You can read more at: Data Visualizer - DHIS2 Documentation under “Select organisation units” section.

Hope this answers your question

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Hi @hanin.saadah,

Thanks for your answer, at national level (lv1) they also want to see lv2 by lv2.

Let me know if you have other solution.

I believe we can use “standard report” but it required developer skill.

Hi @Truong_Nguyen

If level 1 (the national) is the top level in the org unit tree, then the users in L 1 by default will be able to see the data for all lower levels in the tree ex. L2, L3, etc…