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I looked in the Google Play store and only saw a Dashboard app up to DHIS2 version 2.29. Is there one that is compatible for 2.31 or has this functionality been moved to a different app?




Also interested!

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Hi @berhard and @Natalie_Tibbels,

The dashboard application you see in the app store is the ‘classic’ dashboard app that was standard in all dhis2 instances upto 2.29. Since 2.29 there has been a completely new, much improved dashboard app that has been standard. You can see the new dashboard app in action here: DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone

We also have a new map and data visualizer applications that have replaced the ‘classic’ GIS and data visualizer apps. The team is currently working on replacing the pivot tables app and acutally merging it with the new data visualizer app.

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Hi @Scott,

I’m aware of the apps on desktop. I am asking about the Dashboard application that was in the Google Play App Store and was not updated since 2.29. Is there a plan to replace the Dashboard DHIS2 application for mobile/tablet use at any time in the near future? Is there a different visualization app that can be used ?


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Right sorry my misunderstanding. Yes, right now the mobile dev team is working on a new progressive web dashboard app. This will work on andriod and ios, and we’re aiming for a release Q1 next year. In the mean time I suggest you use the HISP TZ interactive dashboard app. It’s much better than the old, UiO produced dashboard app.